【Fast News】Rethink a transformative business model serving ESG and technology education

Yeung (2010) quoted a study of Husain at el. (2009) about adopting SERVQUAL model to assess educational service delivery and students’ satisfaction. The dimensions that he had adopted were:

Tangibles – physical facilities, equipment and appearance of personnel;

Reliability – consistency and reliability of the service performance;

Responsiveness – staff willingness to help customer and provide prompt service;

Assurance – knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to inspire trust and customer confidence; and

Empathy – human factors in service performance, like caring and individual attention.

According to the report of “Future Hong Kong 2030”, “ESG principles are increasingly being incorporated into companies’ overall business strategies, due to rising expectations from investors, regulators and customers, according to KPMG China’s Integrating ESG into your business report published in January 2020” (p.36) (source:

Besides, Mr. Yan, CEO of Cyberport also mentioned in the report that smart city development is well relied on talent development via education. ‘Creating a future-focused workforce is also a top priority for 41 percent of respondents, while 38 percent think initiatives should drive economic growth and job creation. Peter Yan, CEO of Cyberport, says: “For any smart city-related initiative to be successful, it must also address social needs with very specific applications. Empowerment through education Technology is set to have a two-fold impact on education. On the one hand, it can be used to increase access to high-quality, personalised learning. On the other hand, Hong Kong’s current education system must be adapted to ensure the future workforce is equipped with the skills that both they and companies need in the future.” (p.52)

Based on the SERVQUAL model and the importance of ESG and technology education, it is time to re-think a transformative business social model to serve the community with potential to grow in business with educational values.

Popsible NFT/ ESG Marketplace focuses on providing users with convenient and consistent experience with the all-in-one APAC NFT platform. Under the transformative servant business leadership, Mr. Sam Ngan (Chairman of Association of Metaverse) is working on a new ecosystem to address social needs with business opportunities, providing a platform to share the talents’ artistic outputs via the technology of Popsible and the passion of the team members.

“Community enhancement is important. Under COVID-19, I have a time to pause and rethink the meaning of life and technology to serve the community,” said Mr. Ngan.

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